Young Africa Enterprise

About YAE

Stars-Like-Us and AFRINYPE are organizing international cooperation for young, new entrepreneurs from Africa, attracting investors for young entrepreneurs and start-ups to discover markets for their goods and services

Young Africans are ambitious and talented, so it is worth encouraging young people to work on themselves in order to achieve the goals of a better life for themselves, their families and friends rather than seeking illegal routes to opportunities in the West through desperate travels and illegal emigration.

Escaping to developed countries through illegal routes doesn’t always guarantee the future that young people seek. The risks being taken through the Atlantic Ocean and Deserts are worthless and unproductive. 

Africa now offers new opportunities for individual development through the Young Africa Enterprise.  AFRINYPE in cooperation with STARS-LIKE-US by Antoni Roszczuk opens a new flagship initiative called ‘Young Africa Enterprise’.

International Market Opportunities

One of the key aspects of the YAE programme is to showcase the possibilities of international markets in Europe, Asia, and America to young African entrepreneurs by facilitating access to these markets. The programme aims to expand the reach of African goods and services globally. This not only benefits the individual entrepreneurs but also contributes to the overall economic development of Africa by promoting trade and collaboration on a global scale.

Attracting Investors and Entrepreneurs

The YAE programme presents an attractive opportunity for investors who are interested in supporting emerging talents from Africa and doing business in Africa. It highlights the potential for growth and innovation within African enterprises and aims to attract investors who are looking to make a meaningful impact while also seeking profitable investment opportunities. Additionally, the programme invites entrepreneurs from around the world to engage in collaborative efforts with young African innovators and start-ups, fostering a diverse network of talent and expertise.

Knowledge Development in Enterprise

Entrepreneurship is the key to a better life. We are providing everyone willing to work on themselves with knowledge, training and professional contacts. Participants will be able to access our communication platform and E-learning hub for capacity building for start-ups and entrepreneurship growth.

Are you an investor looking to invest in Africa? Do you seek partnership and investment opportunities in Africa through Africa’s largest youth platform for green markets and innovative products?   To be part of YAE as a global investor, partner or a stake-holder, please email Antoni today.

Youth Participants

Sign up now to be part of the first cohort of the YAE OPPORTUNITIES commencing from May 2024

NOTE: YAE initiative is open and free to all young Africans age 18 to 35 who aspire to change their lives for good.

Together, we can create a thriving ecosystem of innovation, growth, and prosperity within Africa and beyond.

Antoni Roszczuk

Antonio Roszczuk is the founder and President of ROGOT Records, the first post-war history of Central Europe. As the only record producer from Eastern Europe then, he was a consultant to IFPI and Universal Music and hundreds of articles about music were published to his credit in the national and international press. Antoni Roszczuk is an entrepreneur, publisher, promoter and producer of jazz, classic, pop music around the world since 1976. In 1988, He founded another record company named CANTO Records in 1981 and PRODUCENT ANTONI ROSZCZUK in 1992. He produced and marketed about 360 albums released in Europe, Japan and the United States.

From 1985, he managed an international company Enclave Music GmbH in Germany, which handled the sales and distribution of leading manufacturers of music equipment. In Poland Antoni introduced leading brands of equipment to the market, including Korg, Marshall, Mesa-Boogie, Schecter and Peavey. From 1991, he was the producer of the Kiev Symphony Orchestr and only one who received the “Golden Record” for his work achievements from the Ministry of Radio Film and Television of China. He organized several public events, produced several films and published artistic works magazine for children – biweekly – “Cat Music”. Then, he has devoted his attention to the activities of Manton Media Ltd. and the implementation of the project called  “The Sales Brothers”.

As an innovator, Antoni implemented popular artistic and economic project known as “CHINA-IS-OK.NET”. At his own charitable expense, he presented a hundred most promising Polish start-ups at the SME World Expo in Hong Kong. As a collaborator of INVEST IN HONG-KONG which is government agency, he has been working with Europa Corporation Ltd. in Hong Kong as a board member. He has featured in many articles and interviews with TVN, TVP, Bloomberg, Gazeta Wyborcza, Puls Biznesu and has successfully organized conferences and seminars on export and globalization. Antonio Roszczuk is the CEO of the STARS-LIKE-US.

Antoni Roszczuk’s African Mission

Antonio is an experienced promoter of international youth entrepreneurship and an Advisor of the African Network of Youth Policy Experts. With vast knowledge of business development across Europe, Asia and America, he has proven track records of successful projects delivered to the benefit of young people on start-ups and entrepreneurship. 

From 2023 Antoni is dedicating special attention to encourage African youth in order to create their own businesses. He focuses on start-ups, providing education on how to establish modern and professional companies, breaking into global markets and attracting wealth in pure and honest manners.

Antonio’s passion for the growth of African youth led to the creation of Young Africa Enterprise (YAE) in partnership with AFRINYPE whereby young Africans shall be propelled to embrace their talents and productivity rather than embarking on illegal migration out of Africa through deadly and illegal routes. Antoni is the lead facilitator for international partnership, investments and sponsorships. He is bringing his international experience to the forth for promotion of young Africans in entrepreneurship internationally. With proven influence across Europe, Asia and the United States, he will be leading investor drive, global market access, partnerships and sponsorship for the YAE project. Antoni’s African mission is premised on lifting millions of young people out of poverty, creating global business platform and respect for African talents which he has identified and passionate about. 

To be part of YAE as a global investor, partner or a stake-holder, please email Antoni today.