The African Network of Youth Policy Experts

Enhancing advocacy for youth policy implementations and realisations in the African region by persuading Africa’s UN Member States to renew their commitments regarding implementing youth policies on the continent

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Who We Are

AfriNYPE is the regional network that federates expertise on Youth Policies. Established in 2014 and duly registered with membership in 45 African countries, the network focuses on policy issues as they concern young people especially.

The main objective of AfriNYPE is to influence policy pronouncements and implementations among State actors in the region and this is achieved by persuading Africa’s UN Member States to renew their commitments regarding implementing youth policies on the continent.


Years of Existence

Make a difference today

Become a volunteer

Are you passionate about policy matters, working on projects with young people around the world and engaging policy makers on development issues? Then join AFRINYPE, the largest youth platform on youth policy matters in Africa.

Donate to support

We provide supports for the victims of irregular migration and assisting those embarking on voluntary return to stabilise. We are also providing supports for climate policy action and research. Kindly support our cause by donating today!

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We are excited to work with you if you have ideas that help resolve regional and global challenges. AFRINYPE welcomes partners across board for new projects and development programmes that shapes the world we live in for better.


What We Do

Youth Policy Review




Capacity Building

Fundraising for the Victims of Migration

The ‘BETTER ADVENTURE MIGRATION PROJECT’ is AFRINYPE’s efforts at reducing rate of precarious migrations among the youth. It is a deliberate attempt to reduce young people’s desperate approach to international travels, mostly for economic reasons, and to agitate for improved socio-economic conditions and greater opportunities for youth in the departing countries, through policy drive and lobby. We call on everyone worried about deaths of young people on the Mediterranean or the Desert (during in desperate travels) to help prevent those dastard occurrences by supporting efforts that prevent them. Donate to our cause now!

Upcoming Events

AFRINYPE is currently implementing its flagship project on Migration known as  THE BETTER ADVENTURE MIGRATION PROJECT. A Regional Conference on Migration is foreseen to hold with stake-holders and our European partners in 2023. Please watch out for the announcements here!

The first ever youth policy regional forum in Africa will hold this year with youth policy experts, state actors and practitioners in attendance. The regional forum will be convened from 20th to 23rd November 2022 in South Africa with partnership support of the Southern Africa Youth Movement (SAYM).

The Climate Action project is one of the major project of AFRINYPE based on ACTION-5 work plan and it brings together the leading climate professionals and communities across Africa and beyond together to find practical solutions to climate change issues.


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