AfriNYPE is the regional network that federates expertise on Youth Policies. Established in 2014, it exists as a legal entity (registered under the NGO Law of the Federal Republic of Ghana as a continental organisation) with recognition of the African Union, European Union and it is the United Nations as the foremost regional youth policy organization in Africa. Currently, AfriNYPE has chapters and membership in forty (40) African countries.

Objectives of AfriNYPE

  1. To scale-up advocacy for youth policy implementation among African countries.
  2. To persuade Africa’s UN Member States to renew their commitments to implementation of youth policies in the continent.
  3. To assess the state of youth policy, its level of implementation and impacts in the lives of African youths.
  4. Develop a common and workable understanding of youth policy in Africa (theory and practice with a set of key indicators).
  5. To popularize youth policy among African youths and engage vocal youth NGOs in various thematic areas to support advocacy for its implementation.

About the Opportunity

The African Network of Youth Policy Experts (AFRINYPE) is inviting youth experts across 54 African countries to apply as Directorate Heads and members of the following Directorates: 

  1. Directorate of Youth Policy Development
  2. Directorate of Education and Cultural Exchange
  3. Directorate of Migration Affairs
  4. Directorate of Diplomatic and Governmental Liaison
  5. Directorate of International Partnership
  6. Directorate of Research
  7. Directorate of Enterprise and Capacity Building
  8. Directorate of International Partnerships
  9. Directorate of Diaspora Affairs
  10. Directorate of Gender Affairs

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Youth policy practitioners and/or youth expert in the thematic areas announced;
  2. Youth activists and members of youth movements working on youth policy;
  3. Representatives/experts of youth-led organizationscivil society organizations, and networks working on youth policy or related field;
  4. Research experts from institutes, universities and think tanks with a focus on youth policy or related field;
  5. Development experts from organizations, agencies and institutions in the youth sector;
  6. Programming experts from donors active in supporting policy change in the youth field.
  7. African youth expert resident in the Diaspora for the position of Diaspora Network.

Applicants should:

  • Be aged 18-40;
  • Be experienced in formulation, implementation and/or monitoring of youth policy at the national, regional or global level, or possess proven knowledgeable in youth work.

Selection Criteria

The selection of applicants will take into consideration the following criteria:

  1. Interest: The applicant is highly motivated and will substantively contribute to the goals and objectives of the Network;
  2. Exposure: The applicant must show past experience of minimum 2 years related to thematic area he/she is applying to;
  3. Impact: The applicant has the capacity to communicate the objectives of AfriNYPE to governments, development partners and funding agencies
  4. Capacity: The applicant has capacity to develop projects/programmes and implement them with or without supervision;
  5. Gender and geographical balance will be considered;

How to Apply


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